Promoting Swedish exports is one of the Government’s focus areas. It’s an important part of getting more people into work and to safeguard Swedish welfare. “Team Sweden” is an umbrella made up of public authorities, government agencies and companies that all work to promote Swedish exports abroad. At home, Team Sweden is led by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Abroad, a local “Team Sweden” led by the Swedish Ambassador will assist companies around the world.

Through “Team Sweden” the Government can provide coordinated and effective export support to Swedish companies that want to set up operations abroad, making entry into the export market clear and simple. The export support includes advisory services, financing, marketing and the long-term promotion of Sweden.

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The main task of the Embassy of Sweden in Singapore is to promote and strengthen the relations between Sweden and Singapore.
Business Sweden’s purpose is to help Swedish companies to grow their global sales and international companies to invest and expand in Sweden.
SWEA, Swedish Women’s Education Association International, Inc. is a global network with 7,500 Swedish speaking women in more than 70 chapters in over 30 countries.
The purpose of the Swedish Supplementary Education School is to provide Swedish talking children supplementary Swedish education in Singapore and further more to promote stimulating Swedish cultural exchange and experiences for its students.