Membership Benefits

Member Benefits


The Swedish Chamber of commerce represents Swedish business interests in Singapore.

Membership offers businesses three main advantages:




1. A strengthened network

With 500+ active members and around 90 member companies, SwedCham fosters a community of sharing and collaboration.

  • Make real connections with international business professionals and state officials, promote your business and expand your network.
  • Access SwedCham’s sub-committees, an engine for idea generation and exchange where members foster deeper connections and bring values-driven programmes to life.

2. An united platform for influence

SwedCham advocates for Swedish businesses with political stakeholders.

  • SwedCham is part of “Team Sweden.” We endorse Swedish businesses together with Business Sweden and the Swedish Embassy in Singapore.
  • SwedCham partners with key organisations in Europe and APAC to promote excellent international business relations. Relationships include The International Chamber of Commerce (Paris), EuroCham, the European business associations in Singapore as well as the other Swedish Chambers of Commerce in APAC.
  • SwedCham has over the past few years also invested in specific local outreach initiatives to connect our member companies with the civil society on topics that are important to our membership base, such as, for example, sustainability.

3. Business insights and skills development

SwedCham facilitates access to the latest business information and updates to the policy landscape through an active programme of events led by leaders in industry. Our seminars, talks and subcommittees are primed for career and skill development, as well as opportunities for dialogue and action on business and social improvement.

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