Young Professionals (YP)

YP is a social network for Young Professionals and students between 18-35 years. YP hosts many different social events to make sure to keep the Scandinavian traditions alive in Singapore. YP is open for all nationalities. The annual subscriptions for Young Professionals (YP) is free. YP membership is a Non-voting membership.

As a member of YP you will get access to:

  • – Monthly After work
  • – Monthly seminars
  • – Midsummer party
  • – Crayfish party
  • – Sports event

and much more…

Please fill in below application form to become a YP member. Note that YP is only for people between 18 – 35 years old.

YP Membership Application Form - free

By filling in this form and making the above stated payment, I, the applicant, hereby agree that in the event of approved application, I will abide by the Rules of the Chamber, as they are now formed or as they may hereafter be altered, regardless of the fact I may not have signed this form.Should you not wish for your details, personal or otherwise, to be posted on the SwedCham's website, please contact us.

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