Mentorship Program - Hosted by SwedCham Young Professionals


The YP Mentorship Program helps SwedCham members share knowledge and ideas, and aids less experienced members in gaining expertise and building a professional network. Mentors are paired with mentees by SwedCham Young Professionals, based interests. 



  • The mentor’s employer should be a SwedCham member
  • The mentor should be 35 years old or above
  • Three years or more international professional experience (Note: If you have less than three years of experience, you can still apply for consideration if you have a specific area of expertise to share.)
  • Expertise in any of the following areas to be a suitable mentor: leadership, communication skills, strategic decision making, organizational skills, and resource management
  • The ability to provide insights into the profession to help guide the mentee



  • The mentee should be a SwedCham Young Professionals member
  • Young professional wishing to broaden their professional acumen



The Programme should be beneficial for both the mentor and the mentee, with knowledge and experience sharing both directions. The mentor has a professional and life experience that can help the mentee develop skills, competencies, and goals. The mentor acts as an advisor to the mentee’s personal growth and professional development while simultaneously acquiring new insights and knowledge from the mentee. The mentor will be given a great opportunity to enhance its leadership skills. The mentee has identified a specific personal or professional goal that the guidance of a mentor can help them achieve, while the mentor develops in leadership skills.


Set-up of the YP Mentorship Programme

The YP Mentorship Programme aims for bringing equal value for both the mentor and the mentee. The mentor and mentee will specify areas of interest and development in the application process which will be used by SwedCham YP to match make. SwedCham YP aims to match mentor and mentee based on given goals and ambitions with the Programme, as well as background and prior experience. The application process will include the following areas for consideration:

  • Company and position
  • Current and prior industries
  • Asia experience
  • Objective, goals and ambitions with the programme
  • Contributions



The YP Mentorship Programme will consist of 12 pairs (12 mentors and 12 mentees) and a YP SwedCham project management team. The mentors and mentees commit to meet for three jointly programme meetings. Individual mentor/mentee meeting is advised to be held every 6th week, individually organised by each pair. The programme will run throughout 2019. 



  • The YP Mentorship Programme fee is 100 SGD/year.
  • 500 SGD/company which are offered to provide with 3 mentors.


The cost will cover three jointly programme meetings and administrative costs.


Registration for Mentees

Registration for Mentors