Sub Committees

People are an organisation’s greatest asset! This group is formed to be a forum for discussion and sharing of experiences and best practice on how to maximize individual potential, and by that business growth, through shaping the corporate culture and through developing the leaders.

You would especially benefit from, and add to, this forum if you are a manager or HR professional but as well if you are a dedicated member of a team and passionate about people and leadership development.

Chairman: Annelie Carlstrom, CAPA HR Consulting
If you are interested to join People and Culture, please send an email to Annelie Carlstrom.

SwedCham Sustainability committee aim to be a platform for Swedish companies to show their strength in sustainability areas and with the help of  Team Sweden to influence the Singaporean authorities to change / introduce better rules/policies for sustainability in selected areas where we believe Swedish companies are strong and can influence the authorities.

Our strategy is to fully utilize the strengths of the sustainability committee members in their different areas of expertise

  • Team Sweden to provide a platform for the SwedCham members/Swedish companies to present their knowledge and technologies to relevant Singapore authorities
  • To provide a way of communication with EuroCham

Chairman: Magnus Gustavsson, Nöjdhs

Please contact Cecilia Oskarsson for more information;

Lars Rönnquist, SAAB

Committee members:
Lena Häggblom, Ericsson
Jan Stjernström

Social activities are an important part of SwedChams annual program. These gatherings vary from Swedish traditional activities such as the Midwinter Ball and Lucia celebration, to more local traditions as Beach Parties and Scanbiz bar incorporation with the other Nordic organisation.

Please contact Cecilia Oskarsson for more information.

The Start Up sub-committee is there for anyone interested in, who has experience in, would like to start up. We discuss what to think about, we share experiences, lessons learned and most important we collaborate and network!

Please contact Cecilia Oskarsson for more information;