Challenges of a Post-Merger Integration

October 09, 2018sccs

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Two or more corporate cultures meet under massive pressure – high expectations of amazing synergies, improved efficiency, increased results and secured talent provision. Do you recognize the scenario?

Merger and acquisition as a strategy for providing know-how and increased profitability can be an effective way of acquiring important market shares or ensuring critical competence for the survival of the company. How come then, that only a minority of mergers succeed – i.e. creating added value for the customer, delivering successful synergies, adding skills, increasing profitability and ultimately business success?

Please be invited to the next event hosted by the People and Culture committee – a round table discussion about challenges of a post-merger integration, where we will focus on the people and culture aspect of this critical topic. We get to share experiences and best practices on how to succeed an integration while maintaining high employee engagement.

(This topic stems from the discussion held during an event in June with the purpose of gathering areas of challenge and opportunity, related to people and culture, for businesses in Singapore) 

Date: October 9
Time: 6.30 pm-8.30 pm
Venue: Club Meatballs / board room 
#01-05/06 China Court (Access via Club Meatballs on China Street)
Cost: S$42

Dinner with a glass of wine and coffee/tea will be served. 

Last day to register is October 2. Please take note that registration is binding and non-refundable.