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SwedCham wants to help facilitate and further the exchange between businesses, but also make sure that our member’s interests are voiced in relevant forums. 2018 has been a year of strengthening the position of Swedish Businesses within the international network in Singapore, not the least by collaborating closely with Team Sweden and also the Nordic […]

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SwedCham Christmas Dinner

Team SwedCham is delighted to welcome You and Your Spouse to Christmas Dinner. Venue is the Social Members Club 1880 that is opening it’s doors exclusively for SwedCham Singapore.  Date: December 10, 2018 Time: 7 PM Venue: 1880, 1 Nanson Rd, level 3, Singapore 238909  RSVP: November 26 Warmly Welcome!

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Young Professionals Registration

YP is a social network for Young Professionals and students between 18-35 years. YP hosts many different social events to make sure to keep the Scandinavian traditions alive in Singapore. YP is open for all nationalities. The annual subscriptions for Young Professionals (YP) is free. YP membership is a Non-voting membership. As a member of YP […]

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