The 2018 “Swede of the Year” and “Swedish Company of the Year” Awards

September 23, 2018sccs

The awards Swede of the Year and Swedish Company of the Year, aim to recognize initiatives from people and organisations that have made a remarkable footprint in Singapore.

The Nomination Criteria for the Swede of the Year Award: 

This is an important acknowledgement of an outstanding person from the Swedish community who through her or his work and dedication has created a positive impact either in Singapore or in the region.  

The Nomination Criteria for the Swedish Company of the Year Award: 

This award has a broad scope, it brings forward extraordinary accomplishments that can come in many forms.

The winner can be a company with a great impact, social or financial, in the region, it can also be an innovative fast mover with huge growth potential, a great advocate for the Swedish brand or a fantastic mix of many factors.

The winners will be announced during the Annual 2018 SwedCham Midwinter Ball, November 10. 


Winners from previous years

“Swede of the Year”

2017: Catharina Jevrell

2016: Bertil Andersson

2015: Together for Charity

2014: Mikael Hartmann

2012: Gunilla Daintry

2011: Mike Kannberg

“Swedish Company of the Year”

2017: IKEA Singapore

2016: Nöjdhs Underwater Technology 

2015: Envac Singapore