Breakfast Seminar on Leadership with Maria Rankka

December 14, 2018sccs

Welcome! We are delighted that you have decided to join us for breakfast on Monday, March 26.

This is our first SwedCham and SWEA collaboration and we are looking forward to many more.

The SwedCham subgroup ‘Female professionals’ together with ‘SWEA Professionals’ will be the core of the new set up and together plan the future activities. The events will be open to both organisations and focused on women in business.

SwedCham members who are interested to learn more about the SWEA membership are welcome to sign up for that below.

SWEA members who are interested in getting access to the full event and information flow from SwedCham are welcome to register for that as well – all SwedCham events will be open for SWEA members at guest price.

Last day to register is March 15. No-shows and cancellations later than March 22 will be billed.

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